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curatane's hydrating lip treatment

Curatane came to life in 2019 when our founder, Daniella Camuglia experienced first-hand the extremely painful and uncomfortable side effects of acne treatment medication. The dryness and soreness of the lips that occur, is one of the worst side effects of these harsh medications; more formally known as Isotretinoin. She understood this firsthand when she was personally prescribed with an acne treatment medication over a 2-year period and experienced the harsh toll that it takes on your lips.

Like most prescribed acne treatment users, Daniella’s lips faced the intolerable pain of always requiring intense hydration to hopefully alleviate the discomfort and soreness. This is how the extensive search of trying to find a cure began. With this, came trying every single lip balm to ever hit the market in the hopes that it would become her never-failing, go-to.

During this time, she found that there were no brands or products that specifically catered for these side effects. As a result, this idea became Daniella’s motivation; an ultra-hydrating, soothing lip treatment that has been designed and formulated specifically to help reverse these side effects. In the words of Gretta Van Reil, “The world doesn’t need more products; it needs better solutions to existing problems”

After extensive research, many rounds of testing and with the wisdom of some of the most experienced pharmacists & dermatologists in the business – the perfect formula was created and an industry first product that “actually works” was born.

Enter: Curatane

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We have created a product that serves as a simple and effective solution to an existing problem. Read what our customers have to say about our lip treatment.

Our founder

I was still in high school when we began designing and formulating what would ultimately become the first Lip Treatment from Curatane. I knew I was onto something special as I noticed that as the formula got better and better, more people around me, including myself, began to experience the relief that we all craved. I am so excited that we are finally here and able to offer the product to everyone who needs it. Note: Curatane is for everyone. If you are seeking a high performing formula, this is the product for you.

Curatane dedicates itself to creating serious solutions for those that deal with the harsh and sometimes shameful journey of living with acne. It is your turn to gain back some confidence and find relief.

CURATANE is all Australian – made right here in Melbourne. It has been Dermatologically tested, is safe for all skin types and made from best-in-class 100% Natural ingredients.